Music Video, Poem 2014

Where We Bend and Bow, Rye Pines, Portrait of Dissonance as a Young Man

Headlights is a music video accompanied by a poem. The project is about commuting in the dark and the way public space affects private life.


I wrote the poem "The Amber Light" thinking about the night's substitute sunlight. I came to believe that light is a state of mind. I elaborated on this subject in a music video for Rye Pines. Where We Bend and Bow is a collaboration with the lyricist Ted Maguire.



At night, the street's visual language is intensified. I wanted to recreate this urgency in the editing. I used an animated approach, creating loops from very short clips.


This imagery correlates with Maguire's lyrics that personify cigarette smoke. Examining the night shift, I discovered a neon authority and morbid symbolism in the lights and street signs. Headlights is a two part story presented in different mediums.